Thursday, April 16, 2009

More finger food!



Biscuits on Easter


So Olivia is not always loving her purees lately. She likes anything that is super smooth, and then she likes finger food. Nothing in between! So my homemade peas and green beans are out for right now. 

So I have tried pancakes, biscuits, carrots and tofu and she LOVED them all! I am nervous about many finger foods, as she has no teeth yet, but these were all perfect for her. 

She especially loved the tofu, so I am going to try some recipes with it, and see what happens! I love that there is an option with a lot of protein for her. 


  1. Sorry if I missed it (though I'm pretty sure I never miss a post!) but I've never used tofu before. Do you cook it or is it served right out of the package? If you cook it, how did you prepare it? I'd like to try this for DD, too.

  2. My DS LOVES tofu - and pancakes too. These were a real hit with us as first finger foods.

  3. I asked her about how she prepared the tofu and she said; "I Just cut it into cubes and give it to her cold. Once I warmed it up in the microwave, but she didn't seem to care either way. I am going to look for some recipes to use it in as well."