Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Freezer Find: Happy Baby Food

I was in the freezer section of my local Target and found frozen organic baby foods. The brand is Happy Baby Food and they had several different flavors to choose from. Most where fruit purees, which I couldn't see spending the money on when I make them already. But, I did buy two different varieties of meat entrees for 9 month olds and up; Chick Chick and Gobble Gobble w/ Paradise Puree.


organic peas, organic spinach, organic butternut squash,
organic chicken, water, organic sweet potato, organic zucchini, organic brown rice



water for cooking, organic potato, organic sweet potato, organic turkey, organic butternut squash, organic apple, organic millet, organic prune, organic oregano, organic garlic powder

organic bananas, organic mango, organic peaches, water for cooking, organic amaranth

They have salmon too, but I didn't see it at this location. These are great for those afraid to try making meats on their own, or for those short on time. They are expensive though. They were 3.99 a box. The box of Chick Chick has four servings (3 cubes equal a serving) and the Gobble Gobble had two servings of turkey and two servings of fruit puree. We've only tried the turkey and puree so far. When I thawed them out in the microwave I was surprised how watery the turkey was. It smelled good though. I mixed the fruit with the turkey and it was still too thin, so I added some cereal to thicken it up. Despite the looks, Drew really enjoyed it and ate it very quickly. I will buy this again in the future.

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