Friday, January 9, 2009

Williams & Sonoma for Baby

For Christmas, I received the book Cooking for Baby from Williams & Sonoma. It was a gift from my sister. It is very interesting and has some great gourmet type recipes that I can't wait to try out with Drew.
She also just got me a baby food freezer set from there as well. It is called Beaba Multi Portion and it is made of BPA free silicone. This makes it easy to pop out the 2 oz. portions of frozen food one section at a time. I will be testing this out with our next batch of homemade baby food.
Update: The silicone tray works really well. You can pop out just one section at a time and it comes out very easily. It is easier to work with than just an ice tray and holds more ounces per serving as well.

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