Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avocados: Take Two

Update: Drew's doctor said that from the description of the rash, it did not sound like a food allergy rash; but, to be sure he said to wait until Drew is a year old and re-introduce them again (Which was are plan!)

Well, it looks as though Drew may just be allergic to avocados after all. Later that same day, his rash went away. I was hoping that it was just a heat rash. We waited one full day with no fruits or veggies and Drew did not break out with a rash. We decided to go ahead and try the avocados again. We fed him the next morning and by the time I got home that night he had the same rash all over his legs and belly. I don’t want to entirely rule out avocados. I will probably wait 6 months to a year before trying them again. Of course, I plan on speaking with Drew’s doctor about my little game plan too, to get his take on it. Drew’s 6 month check up is on the 20th, I will let everyone know what the doctor has to say about it. Meanwhile, it looks like we are moving on to zucchini next; hopefully in the next day or two.

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