Friday, May 29, 2009

Finger Food Grocery Shopping

So Drew is quickly getting over his beloved purees. As you may be experiencing, finding "healthy" finger foods that babies will eat is becoming tricky. There is a great grocery store near my work called Newflower Farmers Market. They are a small, non-fancy organic grocery store with great prices. Besides some great fruit and veggies I got some "packaged" foods for Drew to try. This is what I bought (some of which is not that healthy, but it will do):
  • All natural nitrate free turkey dogs (One of Drew's new favorite foods)
  • Organic whole wheat small bunny crackers
  • Hummus (I spread some on the crackers above and Drew ate it just fine, thought it might be too much for him but it was all good)
  • Italian style turkey meatballs (a hit)
  • Organic brown rice cakes (a hit)
  • Buckwheat pancake mix (a hit, I add apple sauce or winter squash puree)
  • Organic apple-cinnamon cereal bars (a hit, just a few bites at at time)
  • Frozen organic butternut squash filled raviolis (LOVES them)
  • Organic apple & turkey sausage (Haven't tried yet)
  • A can of organic beef ravioli (Haven't tried yet)
  • Organic boxed macaroni & cheese (Haven't tried yet)
  • Frozen organic salmon patties (Haven't tried yet)
  • Not shown, but have to mention: Canned tuna (packed in water) I didn't give a lot of it, just a few bites. Drew LOVES this.
  • Also not shown: Gerber dried fruit. I was afraid these would be hard like regular dried fruit but these are freeze dried and very soft. Much like the yogurt bites; which Drew also likes.
I would love to hear any ideas for finger foods that you have that have not been mentioned yet.

*Drew is 10 1/2 months old now


  1. I love your blog, I am always looking for new ideas! Not sure if these have ever been mentioned, my daughter likes Pirate Booty, veggie flavored. I haven't tried any other flavor yet. She also likes cheese filled ravioli, Rosetto makes an organic version. She LOVES that Annie's Mac & Cheese. How do the wheat crackers taste? We have only tried the graham bunnies.

  2. What a great post. Thanks for all the ideas.

  3. YES! Thanks! Olivia will only eat anything she can feed herself. I am at a loss half the time! Great ideas!!

  4. Thank you! I have to ask, what is Pirate Booty, I am intrigued? The ravioli we bought was cheese filled, it may have been the same brand. Drew did like it. The wheat crackers are good, they almost taste like they are flavored but they are not. I still get nervous about their size even though they are small and break them in half.

  5. We tried the wheat bunnies, DD likes these better than the graham bunnies. We tried the rice cakes too, a hit for us too!

    Pirate Booty is a puffy snack. In our store it is found in the natural section near the chips. It is coated with Spinach, Kale and other vegetable flavors. They also have a cheese version which we have not tried yet (I was told by my SIL that the veggie version is better) I do not care for it, but DD loves it.