Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finger foods already!!?

Well, kind of anyways. It's hard to say "finger" foods when the baby can't figure out how to get the food from her clenched fists into her mouth. There is a lot of frustration there when trying to shove the whole fist into the mouth in hopes of getting some food!

I tried zucchini and mango as finger food, or small squishy bites anyways, and it went pretty well. She is not totally over purees, but loved her puffs so much I thought I would see what happened with these.

I steamed the zucchini way too much though, and it was too squishy. She still liked it though. The mango was just frozen, organic pieces and I microwaved them to thaw and cut them up smaller. She liked this ok, but I think it may have been sweeter than she likes. I tasted it and to me it tastes like straight sugar!

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  1. It is so fun when they can feed themselves! Makes life a lot easier!! What a cutie!