Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Babyfood savings comparison

I wandered in our local Kroger last night for a few things. I realized it was CRAMMED with people and asked someone what was going on. She said "they are closing in an hour for good. The new one down the road is opening tomorrow. Everything is on sale!" Hmmm, sale....that is great. Too bad Olivia was tired already and I knew I only had limited time before a break down occurred. I was sad about that in the long run, because there were some great deals, but I had to get in and out. 

So I hurry to the produce where I see that all organic produce is 50% off! So I grab everything I could possibly make baby food out of. I got sweet potatoes, butternut squash, zucchini, and carrots. Not to mention white potatoes for us! 

I also went to the baby aisle, to find that the Gerber organics are $1.25 for Stage 1 (2 pack), and $1.45 (for 2) for Stage 2. Picked up a bunch of those too, for upcoming trips on planes. 

So I thought I would break down the cost after I made the sweet potatoes, since I bought those fresh and "jarred". 

So even though everything was on sale, I figure it's comparable since the fresh and jarred was on sale. 

Here's the breakdown. A serving is described as 1 oz apparently. 

Gerber Organics- .20 cents per serving

Homemade Organics- .06 cents per serving (Ummmm, and I ate some before I froze it, so it would have been less....)

Anyways, let's say your child eats a modest 6 oz of fruits or veggies (Mine eats way less than this now, but I know some kids eat more) a day, taken with this figure in mind, here is your monthly savings (4 week period). 

Gerber Organics- $33.60 a month

Homemade organics- $10.08

That's over $20 a month in savings!! And I think it would be more if I weren't so anal about organic. So who knows how much it would be if you just got regular!

Anyways, just a reason why I am so gung ho about this homemade baby food thing, one reason of many!


  1. Wow, I never thought I would save that much money, thanks for the comparision!

  2. That is a wonderful comparision, what a great score.