Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gerber's Toddler Nutrition Guide

If you are like me; you are confused about what exactly constitutes a serving size for a toddler is. By toddler, I mean a child that is walking (or tyring to walk) and eating finger foods. I recently received Gerber's "Start Healthy Stay Healthy" guide in the mail and found the chart below to be extremely helpful; so I thought I'd share. Click here for the original PDF file
Update: Thanks Sharee, she just let me know that Wholesome Toddler Food has some great information about this too. Click here to read their site.


  1. You might like the WholesomeToddlerFood (sister to WholesomeBabyFood) site and serving guide at http://www.wholesometoddlerfood.com/Toddlers.htm

    THis is a really nifty site with nutrition info as well as some neat recipe ideas!

    Happy Toddling :-)

  2. Thanks for the link; I didn't realize it existed. I'll add it to my website list!

  3. Have you ever looked at weelicious? It's another mommy's website. It's filled with lots of recipes.

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